4 Women’s Underwear Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

The pandemic has ended and finally the world is beginning to roll over into how things were before the pandemic. But do not be fooled because the new normal is not exactly similar to how things used to be.

It has certainly had an impact on women’s clothing and in particular women’s underwear is set to change as well. Through the pandemic, women’s perception of their body and the role of underwear has changed. This can be seen in some of the trends in 2023 as well

Here is a list of trends to follow in 2023:

Mesh Is In

In 2023, you will see more mesh designs in lingerie, underwear and bras. The element of texture is new but you will be seeing more of the big brands include mesh designs into the women’s underwear. The mesh, however is not a simple mesh, but geometric designs and logos are normally used to make the mesh look appealing. Not only bras, but matching briefs are also designed using a mesh textured cloth.

High Waisted Underwear

Underwear that really tucks in that belly bulge is the one for 2023. High waisted women’s underwear, although is uncomfortable for a few, but in 2023 expect to see more of them. In high rise briefs, the trend that has taken hold in particular for 2023 is the exposed underwear. With high waisted mesh and lacey underwear, women can show off their under garments in an aesthetically pleasing way.

With the rise of see through dresses in 2023, high waisted underwear will likely gain more traction because it synchs you in at the right places and is cute to look at.

Under Wired Bras

Now that the consequent waves of lockdowns have ended, consumers are also finally over lounge wear, sweatpants and casual t-shirts. This can be seen in women’s underwear trends as well because with loose fitted clothes out the window, structured clothing is in fashion. The underwear that most stands out under such clothing is the highly structured wired underwear and bras, which is why expect to see more of structured women’s underwear.

Underwear Is Now Outerwear

Although, the trend gained major attraction in 2022 but it does look like the trend will end even through 2023. Underwear as outerwear or underwear over everyday clothing is going to continue even through this year. You can wear it as a contrasted colored bra poking out from under a shirt or a solid colored outfit with bra under a blazer. Ditching pants for some high waisted underwear is also seen being worn by models like Bella Hadid. So, hiding underwear is no longer the trend, instead expose it, poke it out and show off that expensive under garment that took half your weekly salary.


With the help of these trends, we hope you are able to match your underwear wardrobe to the changing trends in 2023 and keep up to date even in the under garments section. Whether it is high waisted underwear or meshed lingerie, the good thing about trends in 2023 is that irrespective of your body size and shape, you can follow these trends and become fashion savvy.