Adding a Fire Extinguisher to a Military Belgian Malinois Vest: Easy Steps

So, you’ve got a military belgian malinois, and you want to make sure they’re safe from fire hazards during missions.


Here’s a simple guide to equip a fire extinguisher on their vest:

Mission Check

First things first, assess the mission. Are there fire risks? If so, it’s time for a fire extinguisher.

Pick the Right Extinguisher

Choose a small, lightweight fire extinguisher that can handle the types of fires you might encounter. Mini dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers are a good bet.

Find the Spot

Decide where in the military Belgian Malinois vest you want to attach the extinguisher. It should be easy for you to access but secure enough not to pop off during action.

Get Mounting Gear

Grab the gear you need to attach the extinguisher, like straps or clips. Make sure it’s sturdy and fits the extinguisher and vest.

Place the Extinguisher

Carefully position the extinguisher in the chosen spot. It should be handy for you but not bother your pup. Check that it doesn’t get in the way of their moves.

Secure it Tight

Attach the extinguisher to the vest using the gear you have. Double-check that it’s not going anywhere when you’re on the move.

Training Time

Train both you and your military Belgian Malinois to get used to the extinguisher’s presence and location. Teach yourself how to use it effectively.

Practice, Practice, Practice

During training, pretend there’s a fire emergency. Practice grabbing the extinguisher, turning it on, and aiming it right. Make sure your dog stays chilly during the drill.

Keep an Eye on it

Check the extinguisher and its gear regularly for damage or wear. It’s got to be in good shape and ready to go when you need it.

Safety First

Set some safety rules for handling the extinguisher during missions. Make sure you both know the drill and follow it.


By following these steps, you can make sure your military Belgian Malinois is prepared for any fire-related emergencies. It’s all about keeping your furry comrade safe in the line of duty.