How to Buy a Yellow Moissanite?

Buying a yellow moissanite jewelry piece is the best decision that anyone can make at all times. Although it may not be the most sort after jewelry, the few who wear it are more impressed with its beauty due to the yellow color that the jewelry displays, which is way better than most jewelry sold in the market today.

Buying a yellow moissanite is not easy and requires some vital information to ensure that you end up with the best pieces for you or you’re loved ones. Here are a few tips to help you buy the yellow moissanite jewelry stone without putting a permanent dent in your wallet.

Set a Budget

You can set no special price when you buy a piece of yellow moissanite jewelry online. However, you must set a price you can comfortably spend without ending up in uncomfortable financial situations. The yellow moissanite is effortlessly beautiful, and sometimes you cannot put a price on such an art piece. Besides, while buying it, you must remember the emotions and efforts put into the ring.

Select a Metal Type

When it comes to selecting the best metal, it all depends on personal liking and preference. There is a wide range of metals that you can select to go with your yellow moissanite. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver. While buying an engagement ring online, shops will likely display yellow moissanite jewelry stones with silky white metals such as cobalt chrome, silver, palladium, and platinum.

For those who are worried about their yellow moissanite jewelry wearing out before the proper time reaches, you may consider adding a mixture of 14k gold, 18 k gold, and 925 sterling silver as your preferred metal option.

Select a Shape

There are numerous shapes that a piece of yellow moissanite jewelry can come in. Therefore, buying your jewelry online also means deciding which shape you want. The preferred shapes are square, oval, round, radiant, princess, asker, cushion, emerald, and pear. However, other shapes are slowly taking over the vintage shapes that yellow moissanite used to come in. These shapes include the marquise, the heart, and the trillion cut.

Select a Size

While purchasing the right yellow moissanite jewelry for you, you must know the size you want and are comfortable with. The size affects the jewelry, and you must get the right carat size. The standard sizes for the yellow moissanite gemstones are measured in millimeters, that is, 6, 6.5,7.5, and 8.

You also must understand that the bigger the stone, the higher the price you have to pay. One way to ensure that you have a suitable yellow moissanite is to rely on the size of the stone and consider the person’s taste and expectations from the piece. The size does not always define the price of the jewelry but the efforts and complexity put into making it a masterpiece.


The correct understanding of what you want will make selecting the right yellow moissanite jewelry smooth. Having a reasonable budget for the exact shape and size will make buying beautiful jewelry a downhill task.