Maintenance Tips & Tricks For Bundles With Closure

Wigs have always been the illuminating product of every era. Initially, wigs were used as a wrap for the head. But nowadays, people are very involved in it, putting forward it as a style statement. Nonetheless, various types of wigs and bundles with closure are loaded in the market to satisfy customers at every juncture.

Dos For Bundles With Closure


It’s essential to wash the closure every 10 to 14 days. You can use mild shampoo and conditioner to wash it properly. Moreover, sulfur and silicone-free products are mostly recommended for this purpose. After washing it, you can air dry the closure, and it’s ready to use. On the other hand, before installing the closure, you should also deep cleanse your scalp to remove the accumulated oil and ensure a smooth installation.

Soft Brushing

Always use a wide tooth comb to brush the closure, as soft brushing is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining closures. You should always hold the roots firmly to reduce pressure.

Proper Storage

After uninstalling the closure, you should brush it properly and detangle it. It’s essential to store or keep the product in a stain or silk bag to avoid any tangling or hair breakage.

Don’ts For Bundles With Closure

Avoid Applying Heavy Hair Products

Are you using oils, mousse, and gels on your closure? Stop using them immediately. These are heavy hair products and can destroy the texture closure very quickly.

Rough Handling

You should always treat hair accessories like a baby and be gentle and soft with those products. Rough handling and scratching of the hairpiece can harm the product’s texture.

How To Maintain Bundles With Closure For Long Durability

Ditch Hot Styling Devices

To use your closure for a long time, it’s essential to avoid using hot styling devices for ironing, crimping, curling, and so on. These products can hamper the hair strand very readily, and thus, the closure won’t last long.

Avoid Using Sulfur Based Products

You should never use sulfur-based products to clean your scalp, so how could you use those products for closure? Nevertheless, to maintain the texture and durability, you should overlook products that have sulfur as their ingredients.

Evade Using Heavy Hair Mousse Before Styling

Heavy hair mousse is much more efficient in tangling the closure easily, and thus, while combing, breakage is observed. So to avoid such a situation, you should also avoid using it to utilize the closure for a long time.

Secret Hacks For Bundles With Closure

Cleaning The Closure After Uninstalling

After installing the closure, you should always detangle it and store it in a silk or satin bag for further tangling and to avoid hair strand breakage.

Using Lightweight Serums While Styling

Lightweight serums are best for styling the closure. It doesn’t induce the strands to stick together and cause breakage.


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